W.G. Iverson

Prolific public speaker for over twenty years, speaking at a variety of conferences in front of audiences ranging from small groups to thousands.

Basic Facts

  • 5' 10", 220lbs.

  • Caucasian male, Scandinavian descent


  • Prior performance on stage (play & improv) as well as video.

  • Comfortable working with a crowd or 1:1 on an improvisational or scripted basis.

  • Public speaking experience includes in front of large (10k+) audiences.

  • Comfortable with highly technical language.

  • Comfortable with a variety of melee weapons, including sword and staff.

  • Basic martial arts skills.

  • Basic modern dance experience, including on-stage.

  • Reasonable working familiarity with a variety of technical/production tools, including Final Cut Pro.


BA, Political Science, University of California, Davis